Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Soccer, Grandmother and the Orange & White Game

Random, I know, but all of these things filled our weekend. We were very excited to pick up Grandmother and enjoy time with her this past weekend. She was even able to watch Kennedy play soccer on a very beautiful day. I am very sorry that I did not get more pictures of her with the kids, but hopefully I will remember to do that next time. After K.'s soccer game we (just R., the kids and I) drove up for Fan Day at UT and the Orange & White game. We arrived too late for Fan Day, but ran into Smokey (actually two Smokies) as they were coming out the back gate of the practice field. This was the first trip to Neyland Stadium for both the kids (we like to enjoy the football games without having to worry about the kids being too hot, too tired, too cold or too bored). They had a great time and hopefully K. can make it back for a real game this fall. P. is still too impatient to sit through an entire game. He fell asleep in my lap after the first half of the game. It may be a couple more years before he attends a real game.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We have too much junk, especially K. and P. A week ago I decided to clean out K.'s room and get rid of all of the unnecessary items and pack up the "heavy" winter clothes. I got in way over my head and ended up spending six hours in her room. I ended up with two storage containers of clothes (one to store for next year and one to pass along to our cousin), three trash bags of toys to donate, two bags of trash and a bag to send to the recycling center. I can't believe it was all in K.'s room, with the majority of it in her closet. Here's proof of the mess and the finished project. I didn't do before photos because I forgot, but as I stood trapped in the (empty) closet I yelled for K. to bring me the camera.

I did the same to P.'s room just a week before. I didn't take pictures while I was cleaning out his room, but I was able to donate five bags of toys to our church after I finished. It is so nice to declutter, yet K. and P. still have too much stuff for the spaces they have. Here's pictures of P.'s room. He has new bedding and will soon have a new bed (for now he is sleeping on K.'s trundle - I couldn't take the whole crib look anymore and the changing table, which was never used, was taking up space). I have also bought a few more organizational items that I need to put in there. I LOVE a clean and organized house.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter morning

Everyone in our house rose early Easter morning to find goodies left behind by the Easter Bunny and then attend the early service at our church (the kids and I actually attended both services, but were working in the nursery - a.k.a. infant/toddler madhouse). After church we had an afternoon filled with food and family (and a much needed, long nap). Luckily, this year I was able to get pictures of the kids wearing their matching outfits (same ones as last year - did I mention that one of my New Year's resolutions was to spend less? Yeah, this made my husband EXTREMELY happy. We all have too much and take it all for granted, so I'm doing my best to simplify.) Since the outfits were a bit big in size last year and fit perfectly this year, there was no reason to spend another bizillion dollars for new ones. And did I mention that I LOVE them? (The kids and the outfits.)

Egg Hunting

Each year our church hosts an Easter egg hunt at the home of the Mayfields. Last year we had great weather, but this year it was cool, windy and overcast. The kids still had fun. P. found one egg, that was enough for him, while K. found more than enough. When we got home she opened each plastic egg and would smell of the candy. K. told us that if it smelled like peanut butter she would eat it so brother couldn't eat it and get sick. Isn't she a great big sister?

Egg dying and tornado warnings

On Good Friday we dyed eggs with our friends the McDonalds. The kids LOVED dying eggs, especially the girls. The boys don't have enough patience to sit through the dying of four dozen eggs. As we were wrapping up, the weather began to turn bad. We all ended up in the basement waiting out a tornado warning with no power. And just in time for the tornado warning, more friends arrived to wait it out with us. It was quite an adventure to be in such a small space with a three year old, a four year old and two dramatic six year olds, but we all survived, and fortunately we survived without any damage to our home or vehicles. Many people in our area could not say the same. A nearby house was damaged by a huge tree that fell through its roof. Please remember this family in your prayers as they will be out of their home for several months.

A new soccer season

Soccer season began here a few weeks ago, but due to three cancellations, K.'s first game was last Thursday. The girls enjoyed themselves very much and each one of them did an excellent job. K. scored two goals. The first picture is P. giving her a good luck hug. Guess it worked. Their team won 4 -3.