Friday, May 22, 2009

Field Day

Ahhh...the joys of of those joys is Field Day. K. was so excited and talked for days about "that race, you know, the one where you put your feet in a bag?" The sack race. It was so fun to watch these adorable children participate in the events without an ounce of jealousy over who won and who lost. All participants were showered with applause after each event. I sure wish that would last...but I do know better than to believe it will. I am so thankful for K.'s school for allowing the parents to enjoy this day with our children. By the way, K. did win first place in "that race where you put your feet in a bag."

Violet, the newest family member

Here she is...our sweet Violet.

Violet is a pure bred Brussels Griffon and came to us from our friends who have two of their own and then had four puppies. We were hesitant to get another puppy after our last experience (remember Rosie?), but did the research and chose a dog we thought would best fit our family. She's of the "toy" variety and is so darn cute. She is house broken already (we've had her for a week and she has had one accident) and will climb in her crate on her own for a nap and for the night. She loves to chew, but mostly she LOVES to curl up in someone's lap and be loved.

I do feel guilty for not rescuing a dog from the shelter, but at this time and without a huge yard in which a dog could run and play, choosing Violet was the best thing for us. By the way, Rosie now resides (as of last November) in Knoxville with a 12-year-old boy who has a big backyard in which she can go crazy (because that dog is CRAZY). Maybe I won't feel guilty afterall, I did rescue Rosie. Right?

Recital 2009

K. beautifully danced with her friends and classmates at the Armfield Dance Academy's 2009 Recital last weekend. She takes both ballet and tap, but says her passion is hip hop (a class is offered by our good friend, but she is not yet old enough to enroll)...go figure. She loves to dance and we love watching her. I can't begin to tell you just how beautiful this child is both inside and out, but I will certainly show you just how beautiful she is on the outside...