Thursday, April 24, 2008

Meet Rosebud

Here's the newest member of the Armstrong family: Rosebud (aka Rosebutt to P.). She's about 4" tall and less than 9" long, solid white with a tiny tan-colored spot on the top of her head. She has bright blue eyes and a playful spirit. We're very excited to have her.

K. and I adopted Rosebud from the shelter this week, so we have no idea of her breed. She had a brother and sister, who were equally adorable, but we knew R. would not be happy with us if we brought home all three puppies. We can't wait for you all to meet her face-to-face.


...even on the soccer field.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

How we spent the weekend

::Baking ::Spending time with new friends ::Cheering for K. at her soccer game ::Shopping ::Playing in the backyard ::Treating boo-boos ::Learning to swing properly ::Hanging out with Mimi & Poppy ::Going to church ::Visiting with old friends {Thanks for stopping by Tommy & Sara!}

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K. the Author

K.'s latest obsession is writing short stories, mostly about brides, grooms, wives, husbands and babies. She does her own illustrations while I serve as typist/writer/editor (I find myself taking out a lot of "and." If I didn't, it would be one giant run-on sentence). I also spend a lot of time spelling words for her to write on her own, which is always fun. {Mom, how do you spell...happily ever after? husband? Marabelle?}

R. and I almost laughed out loud today during church as she was drawing what we thought was Frankenstein and his bride (by the way, it wasn't Frankenstein, she named the groom after her father).

Here's her latest for your enjoyment:
This girl loves a husband. She loves adventures and she likes singing. Her husband's name is Vin. Her name is Vavelle. {don't ask me where she gets these names...the girl has an imagination.} She is singing her lovely song, "I Believe in You." She loves her husband. She's going to have a baby after a long time and she's going to live happily ever after. Her husband says on her wedding day, "would you be my wife?" She says, "Yes, would you be my husband?" They live happily ever after. The end.