Saturday, March 29, 2008

More Soccer

Today K. played her first game of the spring season. She played very well and even scored a GOAL! She was so excited (see picture of her jumping up and down). The Tornadoes, as the team is named, is such a small team, but they really did a great job today against a team of very tall 4-6 year olds.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Sweet Sixteen

The Vols made it to the Sweet Sixteen and so did we. We drove to Charlotte Thursday with a couple of friends and stayed up very late to watch the Vols play the University of Louisville. The Vols, well, you could say they didn't have their best game. And even though it was a wild day (five+ hour drive with pretty bad traffic due to construction, hour wait to get our food at the restaurant that made us miss half of the UNC vs. Washington game, etc.) and didn't end so well for us Vol fans, we still managed to have a good time.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter morning

I hope you all had a great Easter. We certainly did. P. was up bright and early because he didn't have a pacifier (see previous post). He remembered where he left them and ran straight to his basket. He dumped everything out, including the "grass," and was quite upset when he realized they were gone. He later got over it and was excited about his chocolate bunny, but I don't think that happened until after church or maybe this morning...

Luckily, K. was a little more excited about the contents of her basket. She has now asked to eat the chocolate bunny at least 100 times, including just a few minutes ago when she asked if she could eat it for breakfast. I had to laugh. Who does she think I am? Aunt Brooke?

And here we are in our Easter attire. Cooperation is not a part of my children's vocabulary, so this is as good as it gets.

A gift for E.B.

P. has made a big step toward becoming a "bigger boy." For Easter he left the Easter Bunny a gift...his "doo-doos" (pacifiers) to give to babies who need them. He has done well, but naptime was hard yesterday. He did great last night and we're looking forward to even better nights and naptimes ahead.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Great Hunt

Today we took the babes to our church Easter egg hunt at the Mayfield's. They had an awesome time and I was very happy to get several great pictures. The highlight: ice cream from Mr. Mayfield.

And I need to do a little bragging on K., you know, because that's what parents do. There was a little boy there crying because he only found one egg. Without any urging or being told to do so, K. went up to him and put four of her eggs in his basket and said, "there you go." We were so proud of her for being so unselfish and giving.


Last night I had the pleasure of dying eggs alone. K. dyed eggs last week with Miss C. and then picked out glitter eggs to dye for today's big hunt. Unfortunately, after the babes were in bed I realized there would not be enough time to dye them and dry them before we had to drop them off this morning, so I decided to do some quick dying myself. This first egg is my favorite. After I dropped it in the glitter mix and pulled it out, it appeared fuzzy because it took all of the glitter. There was hardly any left for the others.

Happy egg dying, hiding and hunting.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Family lunch

Sunday we had the pleasure of eating lunch with Nana/Grandmother, Mimi, Aunt Jeannie, Uncle James, Aunt Les and Cousin Syd. We had a great time and enjoyed spending time with the family. P. and Syd had a little too much fun during lunch and passed out on the way home. Thanks guys for meeting us for lunch!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Favorite shoes

P. is into making fashion statements. We can't go anywhere without him wearing these shoes.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

This morning...

We woke up to snow. It was beautiful. We went to a birthday party at 11 a.m. and everything around us was white. By 1 p.m. it was gone. We thought the kids would actually get to sled for the first time...not a chance.

Our babes enjoying the snowfall.

This is our front yard at 9 a.m. There was much more snow in the backyard.

This is our front yard at 4 p.m. today. Bummer.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Soccer and the new "do"

Yesterday K. had her first soccer practice for the Spring season and P. received a shorter hair cut. I couldn't help but share these cute pictures.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Here's a conversation that just took place between K. and me:

K.: Momma! Momma! I just heard my song from dance class on a commercial. They said, "Aaahh, Vee-got!"

Me: Um, K., could they have been singing, "Aaahh, freak out!"

K.: No, it was "Vee-got!" I heard it.

Proof that she's her father's child. Yes, even the music whiz himself has been a little confused with lyrics. I'll never let him forget, "hold me close I'm tired of dancing." (R.'s lyrics to "Tiny Dancer.")

Cookie Monster

Seems we have our very own Cookie Monster in the house. Two nights ago I caught him red-handed and full-mouthed stealing raw Pillsbury sugar cookies from a baking sheet. Luckily my camera was handy and I was able to snap a few pictures for evidence. Can you believe the expression on his face? I don't know if they are expressions of "I didn't do it!" or "I'm busted!" And the last, well, I was laughing too hard for him to think he was in trouble so he continued to eat his third raw cookie.

More Birthdays

In addition to the millions of birthdays celebrated in December, we celebrate four more immediate-family birthdays in February and March. First up is Mamaw Gail, followed by Cousin Lil, next is Aunt Leslie and finishing up the streak is Aunt Brooke. Unfortunately, Cousin Lil is the only one still celebrating like a child (she's 5 and everyone else, well, let's just say that mid-20s are a thing of the past). These are a few pictures from Lil's big bash.
Decorating cookies.

Thanks, Papaw, for the spoonful of icing.

This is Brooke. Not me. Isn't it scary how much we look alike?

The birthday girl.

That was good.