Monday, September 24, 2007

Our Soccer Star

We're so proud of K. She did such a great job in this weekend's soccer games. Below are a lot of pictures from the two games. Friday night the other team didn't show up, so they split the team and they played each other. Saturday was the first real game. Our little team was so good and scored 8 goals. The other team only had 4, but we weren't suppose to be keeping count. K. was disappointed because she didn't score the "7 goals" she had hoped for, she didn't even score 1, but R. and I have tried to tell her that it isn't always about scoring a goal, it's about playing as a team. Maybe one day she'll understand; she's a bit of a ball hog right now. :-)

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Palaces, princesses and...Disney!

Last Friday, on our way to the beach, we drove through Atlanta. As we approached the city (around 10 p.m.) we all noticed the beautiful high-rise buildings and how they were so well lit. K. especially noticed. She commented on the palaces and wanted to know which princess lived in each building. As we rounded a curve entering the downtown area, K. exclaimed, "I knew you would take me to Disney!" She thought Atlanta was DisneyWorld. Talk about feeling bad...R. and I considered driving on to Orlando. I had to burst her bubble and explain that we were only in Atlanta. She then made us promise to take her to DisneyWorld. We promised, and hopefully we can fulfill our promise within the next year.

I can see how a kid would think this was Disney, can't you?

What's in a name?

My children have always been very creative in naming things. K. was first when she named R.'s sister "Cat." Then she collectively labeled her Care Bears "Happies." She now names her dolls and stuffed animals - so far we have Nalia, Shalula, Baby Robin and George. P. is now continuing the tradition. Below are a few names for his toys/items of choice. Some are creative, some are not so original, either way, we think it's cute, but we're suppose to, right?

Dough-Dough: Pacifier
Boo: Teddy Bear #1
Boo Boo: Teddy Bear #2
Blue: Teddy Bear #3
Kankie: Blanket