Sunday, October 26, 2008

This weekend...

We went out to eat and bowling to celebrate my birthday.

And visited the pumpkin patch with our friends and family.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


K.'s soccer days are over for this season, but in the first three games she scored 17 goals - more than she scored in the first two seasons combined. She was doing very well this year and we're looking forward to the spring soccer season. These pictures are from her first game.

Finally fall

It's finally fall here; thank goodness. After several days in the 90s, the high today is suppose to be 61. We're loving it, but loving it while we're indoors...

I haven't posted in a while as our busy-as-usual schedules have kept me a little less than eager to sit down and write. Then it was the normal virus passing that has kept us on our toes. K. has brought home two viruses from kindergarten and thankfully P. has managed to only get one of them. Now we're on to bigger things, which will slow down our lives considerably...K. has a broken arm. Ballet, tap and soccer will have to be put on hold for the next six weeks or so.

This past Wednesday our sitter called me at work. She had just picked up K. from school and they were playing on the school's playground - just like they normally do when the weather is great and time allows. In the background I hear K. screaming. She fell off of the jungle gym and caught herself with her left arm. I immediately left work and met them there. Luckily - this was seriously a gift from God-the kids' pediatrician was there and called the hospital to let them know we would be there for Xrays. There was no waiting and we knew it was broken in less than 2o minutes. A radiologist and an orthopedic surgeon viewed the films and sent her to the local Children's Hospital (an hour north). We got there and did not have to wait (thanks again to the pediatrician for calling ahead for us). She had more Xrays and then was splinted and sent upstairs to her room. Thursday evening she had surgery to insert two pins to hold the bone in place and next Friday she'll have her pins Xrayed again and she'll get a cast (a pink one, she says). Two weeks after that the pins will be removed and she'll be put into another cast that she will wear for two to three more weeks. She has done very well, but is in pain. She's not quite use to the sling or the cast or having to maneuver with one arm. She will return to school Monday, but with activity restrictions - no gym or recess.

We are very lucky to have such awesome friends and family who have already done so much for K. and the rest of us. Thanks to all of you for gifts, balloons and food. This was K.'s eighth surgery, and I must say, it doesn't get any easier with the eighth than it was with the first, at least not for me. She did great and yelled, "I love you, Mom!" as they wheeled her off to surgery. I'm sure she knew I needed that.

Here are a few pictures of our sweet baby girl and her surprisingly super sweet brother (he has been so well behaved that we think he must be under a spell or something).

By the way, K. wants to go back to the hospital to stay. She says they have the most "comfy beds ever."